About us

We've invested a lot of hard work, effort and enthusiasm in design and production of our furniture in order to provide our clients with first-class products. Our mission is to produce high quality assemblable furniture.

Best Quality

Our primary objective is to offer its customers products that are of the highest quality workmanship and comfort. All our products are handcrafted and represent the best that furniture has to offer.


French Design

Our chief designer, French architect Charlie Pommier made sure that every piece of our furniture has a unique, beautiful and distinctive design developed in France.


High Quality Materials

All our pieces of furniture are made of first class materials. For our production we use only solid wood, leather, glass, magnets and other natural high quality materials.


Assemblable structure

Furniture pieces of our Triangle collection are assemblable, so they can be easily packed in a small box. All our models of furniture are tested and perfectly safe.

We ship worldwide!

Thanks to our assemblable structure, shipping is very fast and cheap. All our pieces of furniture can be fitted in a small box and be easily shipped anywhere in the world.

Over 100 Available Colors

We have more than 100 available wood finishing options and more than 150 available coverings. Choose your perfect combination.

Assembling Structure

With an understanding of our current, fast and modern way of living our design philosophy is to only produce solid wood furniture that is completely collapsable.  All his furniture pieces can be packed away when you need to move.

We believe that sustainable solid wood furniture is the future of furniture production, rather than wasting and buying a new piece every other year, your investment should be done only once and done correctly.

Our mission is to make well designed, comfortable, beautiful furniture that you can carry with you wherever you go.

We’re starting strong, in his own right and with a very well thought out initiative that propose beauty, sustainability, practicality and style.

Handcrafted with love.

Interview for MojaFirma Portal

by / January 25, 2017

Interview for one of the best regional web portals MojaFirma powered by Telenor. Complete interview you can read by clicking HERE.

Our furniture in Politika Newspaper

by / January 25, 2017

Article about our furniture is published in “Politika” Newspaper – best and the most known Serbian newspaper. We’re so proud!

International Furniture Fair in Belgrade

by / November 26, 2016

We were part of the biggest furniture fair in East Europe. The most important event in Southeast Europe within the furniture design, production and distribution, the 54th International Fair of


by / November 25, 2016

We’re present on one the best architectural platform – ArchiExpo.  To visit our profile please click HERE.


by / November 25, 2016

Our furniture is featured in one of the best regional magazine – Plezir Magazine. To read the complete November issue please click HERE.


by / October 3, 2016

After being featured as a “Project they love”, our project is succesfully founded on Kickstarter. Thank you all for supporting us! We couldn’t do it without your help. To visit


by / September 12, 2016

We’re so proud to be featured in one of the best architecture magazines – Metropolis New York. We’re the best designer of the month September 2016! Thank you Metropolis! For now

Bridge For Design

by / September 12, 2016

Yes! We’re in Brigde for Design. It is a huge success to be in one of the best design magazines. We’re available in print edition, if you want to visit


by / September 12, 2016

Interview for LifeMstyle – leading Canadian Design magazine. To read the complete interview please click HERE.


by / September 12, 2016

Our furniture in one of the best interior blogs – Ippinka. Modern and recognisible design was always on their focus. For more click HERE.


by / September 12, 2016

Article about our furniture in Shejipi – leading Chinese design magazine. To read more click HERE.

Unusual Design

by / September 12, 2016

Our furniture in one of the best Bulgarian blogs. Visit Unusual Design to see more by clicking HERE.

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Practical Furniture

Due to a fast and modern way of living we’re producing solid wood furniture that is completely assemblable. All our models can be put away when you no longer need it. We think that sustainable solid wood furniture is the future of the furniture production. Our mission is to make well designed, comfortable, beautiful and most of all practiacal furniture. All our furniture pieces are completely assemblable and can be easely put in a small box. That’s why our shipping is very fast and cheap.

"Good furniture makes a stranger feel at home."

Charlie Pommier