Comode Round

Comode Round

Temps de production 4 semaines.

Dimensions du produit: par choix

Notre comode Round fait partie de notre collection Round et représente une nouvelle façon de vivre. C’est une combinaison de design moderne, de matériaux naturels et de haut niveau de confort.

Le cadre est fait en bois massif par votre choix. 

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Our primary objective is to offer its customers products that are of the highest quality workmanship and comfort. All our products are handcrafted and represent the best that furniture has to offer.

French Design

Our chief designer, French architect Charlie Pommier made sure that every piece of our furniture has a unique, beautiful and distinctive design developed in France.

High Quality Materials

All our pieces of furniture are made of first class materials. For our production we use only solid wood, leather, glass, magnets and other natural high quality materials.