Custom Furniture To Fit All Interiors

Made-to-measure furniture is something that sets aside handcrafted production from serial production. If you desire to renovate, furnish your home or office space, we are here for you. We custom design made-to-measure furniture.

We produce custom solid wood furniture (oak, walnut) to suit all your needs. Everything from living room pieces (TV cabinets, tables, shelves), modern kitchen pieces and closets according to your wishes. We offer you the choice of wood and upholstery material. Our design team is here to hear your wishes out and bring them to fruition.

Apart from built-in elements which are of course made to according to the
measurements and design of the customer, we offer the possibility of choosing the exact dimensions of our sectional sofas, along with many other pieces (custom tables, dressers, beds, mirrors, etc). Beds are made completely according to the customer’s desired design which is why they are not on our site, the possibilities are endless. You can show us a picture of the bed you want or you can let us make some suggestions.