Handcrafted Solid Wood Furniture

Our concept is producing high-quality, handcrafted solid wood furniture with a contemporary and modern design. We offer our clients quality, a modern furniture line, a unique brand that radiates originality. Every piece is made of high-quality materials, solid wood and it is recognizable by its exclusive design. We produce high-quality furniture for furnishing exclusive apartments, business spaces, hotels, and hospitality establishments. You can see our production process HERE.

Apart from our beautiful and modern design, we pay close attention to comfort and stability. We produce every piece with the utmost care. We use high-quality natural materials. We offer the choice of wood used for the furniture (walnut, oak). We believe that some of our pieces will fit in perfectly with your needs and the interior of your home and office space.

In our assortment, we have dressers, chairs, tables, sofas,
shelves and other custom-made furniture pieces (kitchen pieces, cabinets). Solid wood pieces are treated with natural oil that brings out the fine structure of the wood. We believe that the final finish makes the product complete. We try to bring all of our client’s wishes to fruition, with a wide variety of upholstery materials for them to choose from. Wood, being a natural material, brings in warmth and will surely embellish any space you put it in.

We try to tend to all our client’s wishes and we look forward to them coming back, satisfied. Our clients’ wishes and satisfaction are our top priority, We are glad to see that our work, experience, and design have reached past Serbian borders. Our pieces have been recognized on foreign markets in France, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia.

For all inquires feel free to contact us via office@charliepommier.com or via phone by calling +381 64 1422516.

Thank you for your trust.