Modern And Classical Sectional Pieces

Custom-made pieces. If you want to make your home as functional as possible, yet still elegant, sectional pieces are the right choice for you. Make use of your space in a beautiful and practical way.

Our sectional sofas are recognizable by their exclusive
design and they will surely beautify and bring an air of freshness into any space you inhabit. Sectional sofas are ideal for living rooms, even though they seem like a piece that takes up a lot of space. A perfect choice for a nook for reading, relaxing, or spending time with friends and family.

Furniture from our array of products is made according to the measurements and wishes of our clients, we offer you a wide selection of materials, dimensions, and colors so that the piece can fit perfectly into your home. What makes our sectional sofas special are the sofa legs which lift up the piece and give it a more elegant and modern look. The legs can be metal and painted according to your wishes or wooden. We use solid walnut or oak for their production. We are here to help you choose the right piece for your space, give suggestions, but also we do sectional pieces according to your designs and photographs. We also produce pull-out sofas, but with a sense of modernity and practicality. For the production of our furniture we use natural, high quality imported materials, brass, solid wood.

In the processes of production, we focus on quality, comfort, stability, and good design. Our expert design team is there to hear your wishes out and if needed give suggestions. On-site visits, conceptual solutions, 3D visualization, suggestions- consultations, delivery, and assembly are all included in the price. The warranty on each of our pieces of furniture is 2 years. Delivery within 30 days. Our recognizable design and quality have
been recognized on the Serbian market and abroad. Our pieces are popular on the market in France, Czechia, Poland, and Slovakia.

For any information feel free to contact us by calling +381 64 1422516 or by sending us an e-mail at You can pay us a visit to our salon in Belgrade and see the quality we offer for yourself.
You can see pictures of our latest projects HERE.