Refund and Return Policy


Refund policy

We make every effort to provide our customers with products that look the same as the images displayed on our website pages. However please keep in mind that photographs have a difficult time showing exact colors and that the actual color of a product may vary slightly from what is shown in one of our website images. We work hard to update our website descriptions and images as soon as we are aware of noticeable variations in our products that customers may find unacceptable.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. If your order arrived incomplete, contained damaged products, or didn’t even show up, we’re here to help.

We will ask you to check every item that you receive from us and to confirm you are happy with your purchase. You must let us know within 48 hours of any fault with your purchased product. We will be more than happy to exchange any faulty items that you may receive from us within a reasonable amount of time; within 30 days of receiving the goods. In the unlikely event that you do happen to receive a faulty item, then please contact us as soon as possible and we will arrange for the items to be sent back for exchange or refund. We may ask for photographs of the damaged item(s) before any replacement process is initiated. Please send us an email to office (@) if any problems are found with your new purchase.

All decisions regarding refunds or replacements are made on a case-by-case basis.


Return policy


Our return policy is no returns.

In the following text you will see the reasons :

The first reason is that our product ( the chair, coffee table, table, armchair, or shelf) is a custom-made product.

You are choosing the type of wood, material, and during that process, you are in contact with our customer service, and later the administration. Hole company personnel is involved in that process.

Along the side, we have a lot of choices with materials because we have tons of them, and it rarely happens to have a customer with the same model of a chair and the same material for the seat.

The second reason is the packaging, we have personally designed the box and we invest in our packaging a lot. You can notice that there are not that many companies that are able to send some products and deliver without a scratch. The process is complicated and has some steps that you can’t perform.

The last and not the least important reason is that we are a small company and we have prices for our product with minimal marges. This is why we sell directly. And with minimal marges, we can effort one free shipping only once.

When you want to return the product, you want to reverse the whole process and for us, that is just not possible.



Shipping returns

Need help?

Contact us at {email} for questions related to refunds and returns.