Upholstered Furniture For All Interiors

Upholstered furniture for all homes and office spaces. We produce high quality furniture with a modern and contemporary design. We produce superior quality u upholstered furniture for your home, office space, hospitality establishments and hotels. Apart from the wide array of pieces we already offer, we also do upholstered furniture according to your choosing and measurements. In our selection we offer different designs and dimensions, sectional sofas, loveseats, couches, armchairs, chairs.

Beds are completely custom-made according to the customer’s design and that is why they are not among the other products on our site, and the possibilities are endless. You can show us a picture of the bed you want or let us make some suggestions. We have a wide selection of high quality upholstery materials of different colours and textures. Perfect for all spaces. Upholstered furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and all types of
hospitality establishments. Every piece is handcrafted with special attention to detail. Let our expert design team make some suggestions and help you pick the perfect piece of furniture for the room you are renovating or furnishing.

We use only high quality imported material, solid wood and we are known for our exclusive design. We try to grant all our client’s wishes and make their visions a reality. Our home and work space are the places we spend most of our time, with that said the pieces of upholstered furniture that adorn them need to be high quality, comfortable and well designed. You can see photographs of our latest projects HERE.

Our clients’ long-term experiences and trust are what matter most to us. We are especially glad that our products have been recognised abroad. France, Czechia, Poland and Slovakia are just some of the countries where our quality and design have been recognised. . For any information feel free to contact us by calling +381 64 142 2516 or by sending us an e-mail at office@charliepommier.com.